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How Rape Culture Helps People Excuse Last Night’s Game of Thrones


[This post contains both spoilers from the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. You’ve been warned.]


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How Did Agents of SHIELD Get So Much Better Overnight?


[This post contains major spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the last two episodes of SHIELD. You’ve been warned.]


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Scott Thompson Takes You Inside Hannibal

Scott Thompson has hijacked the Hannibal set to bring you three interviews with the show’s three leading men — Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Lawrence Fishburne*. The interviews are short, cute and fun for the average Hannibalfan, although now and then Thompson seems to need to be reminded that he’s interviewing and not being…

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God knows that James Franco loves nothing more than an elaborate PR stunt masquerading as…

God knows that James Franco loves nothing more than an elaborate PR stunt masquerading as “performance art.” So it is entirely possible, as some people have speculated, that his recent attempt to pick up a 17 year old fan outside the stage door of Of Mice and Men was one big plug for his upcoming movie, Palo Alto.

For those who don’t know, Palo Alto,based on a series of short stories (written,…

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Hannibal Season 2: The Dinner Party is Over

Hannibal - Season 2

If Hannibal’s first season did one thing perfectly, it was in helping us to forget what we already knew. Sure, we know that Will Graham will get out of jail, be cured of his wonky clock disease and will go to live on the beach in Florida in tiny shorts and Wayfarers and a synth soundtrack.  We know that Jack and Chilton will at least make it to Silences of the Lambsera. And, of course, we know…

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The Musketeers Finale Caps Off a Fantastically Cheesy Season


So it seems my first impression was pretty spot-on — BBC1′s The Musketeers was every bit as corny and ridiculous as I could’ve hoped, and I loved it.

There was definitely the odd stumble here and there — the crazy feminism episode, Porthos and the Thieves’ Guild, and the sheer number of female bodies spilling out of the Musketeers’ combined fridge of manpain. But at the end of the day, where…

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#this dialogue was like watching steven moffat give himself a blow job

(via i-am-a-child-of-time)

Ingrid Bergman rocking a hipster sweater.

Ingrid Bergman rocking a hipster sweater.