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The Sexist DC T-Shirt Debate; Or, Why Are We Still Dealing With This Shit?


A few days ago, some eagle-eyed fans at a Long Beach Comic Con spotted an official DC t-shirt featuring Superman bending Wonder Woman over with the caption: Score! Superman does it again! Around the same time, another DC-approved shirt (pictured above) was seen online encouraging women to reach for the brassiest rings — not so much advising that they could do something with their own lives, but…

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Doctor Who’s Deep Breath: Pros and Cons


Given that just the other day I argued that we needed to wait and see before passing any real judgment on Capaldi’s brand-new Doctor, I’m going to dig deep and try to find nice things to say about yesterday’s premiere episode instead of just ranting on ad nauseam.

And the only real way I can think to do that is by making sure to weigh down every positive with a negative. Hence, pros and cons.


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Will Peter Capaldi Save Doctor Who?


Surely a new Doctor’s first episode is always met with a strange mixture of hope, resentment and apprehension because part of what’s kept Doctor Whoon the air for so long (apart from that little decade-and-a-half-long break) is the fact that a new actor always brings a new set of possibilities to the role. And as much as you may love the outgoing Doctor, you’re always a little curious and…

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Black Mirror Is Going to Have a Christmas Special Because of Course It Will

black mirror

Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s very weird, very wonderful Twitter Twilight Zone, will be back on BBC4 Christmas day. And if you were worried that the show might lose its gloomy viciousness, fear not: Brooker said he’s looking to make it a cross between the traditional “ghost story at Christmas” and the Amicus’ compendium horror movies of the 70s.

If you aren’t familiar with Amicus Productions,…

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Why Aren’t We Talking about JK Rowling’s Writing?


Remember when this site was about books? Those were the days. Remember my New York Times project? We shared some laughs. Book laughs.

Then I sold out for the bright lights of TV and film and the dozens — literally dozens — of readers clamoring for more unnecessarily vicious book reviews were left out in the cold.

As with so much of my life, my shallow descent into glitzy news coverage mirrors JK…

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Three Cheers for Marvel: Thor Is Now a Woman


Marvel announced Tuesday on The View (of all places) that in an upcoming comic series, Thor will be deemed unworthy of  Mjolnir (or “mewmew” for any Kat Dennings fans out there), and the power will instead be bestowed on a previously unknown female earthling. The story will launch sometime in October with series writer Jason Aaron still at the helm.

While we should all brace ourselves for the…

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You Should Be Watching Channel 4′s Utopia

The end of Utopia … or is it?

What do those pesky feminists want from female characters?

This debate about seems to go on forever. Not among feminists, of course, but among people who want to roll their eyes about “those feminists” always demanding that every show have a strong lead female character. Which of course is not what most feminists want from their female characters. What we want, by and large, is fairly simple:…

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The Leftoverspremiered a couple of weeks ago on HBO. Based on the Rapture-esque Tom Perrotta novel of the same name, the show follows the lives of a group of small town residents still reeling from an event three years earlier in which 2% of the world’s population mysteriously disappeared. More a treatise on grief than a supernatural mystery, both the show and the book promise a lot of dark…

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On My Magicians Piece for the Mary Sue, and Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I try not to wave the big pink flag of my gender around here too often, for the simple and unfortunate reason that it often gets me taken less seriously. You would think that a blog called Tea Leaves and Dog Ears would skew female in people’s minds (doubly so if they actually checked my About Me page), but somehow unless I actually open with, “As a woman…” people default male.

Which… I’m fine…

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SHIELD Needs to Just Let Ward Be Evil

[This post contains major spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the last two episodes of SHIELD. You’ve been warned.]


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